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Our inspiration formats connect and inspire! The MICE Ladies Challenges, our retreats, the instructive Impact Camps, our Happiness Lab and the Nature Days each combine personal and professional development with different focal points.

And where is the best place to learn? Exactly: in an appreciative atmosphere and inspiring surroundings in wonderful destinations! Also included: lots of fun and adventure together with extraordinary women!


Together we are strong!

Great things happen when women connect and strengthen each other! Inspiring encounters with strong women from our host destination, shared WOW experiences and learning sessions make this edu trip so unique. Each of our MICE Ladies Challenges has a very special motto. And of course the feel-good moments will not be neglected, promised!

And along the way, we get to know and love a new MICE destination in all its extraordinary facets and in a completely different way!

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Our journey of discovery for body, mind and soul

Join us on a wonderful journey of discovery for body, mind and soul! Our MICE Ladies Awakening Retreat invites you to rediscover yourself inside and out. At a wonderful, remote “Magical Place” we dive into another world. Yoga, nature, nutrition and wellness elements accompany us through these special valuable days – the inspiring exchange with other MICE ladies will strengthen you in the long term. And at the same time, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about important industry topics such as diversity, sustainability and how you can bring nature into your next virtual and live events in a meaningful and eventful way.

And it goes without saying that our host destination is an absolute MICE insider tip, which you can experience and get to know with all your senses through our program.

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Become a Change Agent and Impact Sheroe!

In our Impact Camp, sustainable change is very important! Here you will get fit and active for the challenges of CSR, the Sustainable Development Goals and current sustainability issues such as the circular economy with lots of fun and practical hands-on activities.

We get to know committed and exciting women from our host destination, who tell us very personally about their personal development and projects that are close to their hearts. You will also learn how you can integrate this “Spirit of Change” into activating, meaningful MICE programs.

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The journey of meaning and happiness

What makes me happy? What does happiness mean to me, personally? Professionally and privately? And how do I become the chief designer of my own happiness? Our Happyness Lab provides you with answers and shows you how you can shape your journey to your own personal wow life in harmony with your values and potential. Profound and authentic encounters with encouragers from our host destination who have already gone on this journey will inspire you to develop your potential and live sustainably. In exchange with other MICE LADIES you develop your personal vision board.

And what better setting for that than a fascinating new MICE destination that gives you a wonderful change of perspective to see your life from the outside.

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Nature coaching as a source of strength and impetus

Nature helps us to arrive at ourselves and to (re)connect to our inner source. Especially in times of change, of crises and upheavals, it is important to find grounding and a haven of calm. Nature can serve us as a mirror and source of inspiration. The MICE Ladies Nature Days bring you into contact with the wonderful nature of our host destination – and with yourself. We experience various coaching units together in nature, which support you in your personal development and give you more clarity, new perspectives and meaning . These intense and authentic days are flanked by meditations and gentle yoga sessions.

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